About YUZUKI 佑月

 YUZUKI is a Japanese Cuisine Restaurant that provides opportunities for guests to experience the history and culture of Japan with their five senses.

 In order to feel “shun”, YUZUKI focuses on seasonal ingredients and expressing the delicacy and beauty of the colours of Japan’s four seasons.

 There is a sense of warmth inside of the restaurant, where guests can enjoy the counter made of natural hinoki cypress, from well-known producer, Kiso province, and private dining rooms.

 YUZUKI offers gusts delicious cuisine as well as the culture of Japanese cuisine in a visual manner. As time passes slowly, guests may feel the preciousness of Japanese culture and tradition.

In our calm spot in Ginza, we, YUZUKI, hope that our guests enjoy deliciousness of Japan to their heart’s content.

Supervisor: Hideo MOCHIZUKI
Chef: Tomoya TAKAYAMA

About Chef:Tomoya TAKAYAMA

Born in May 10, 1986 in Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture.Takayama aimed to follow the path of cooking, after his high school teacher told him that he would do well in professional work with hand skills.
After graduation from Tokyo Seishin Culinary school, Takayama studied hard to learn about Japanese dishes at restaurants in Yokohama city.
In 2013, Takayama started to work at Nihon Ryori Tagetsu in Omotesando, Tokyo. Then he met Mochizuki, who is supervisor of YUZUKI now, and whom Takayama regards as his master. Through his experience under Mochizuki, Takayama learnt to cook traditional Japanese dishes: zensai, hassun, agemono, yakimono (name of types of dishes in Japanese) as well as nabe ryori.
In July 2019, when YUZUKI launched, Takayama took the position of chef.

About Supervisor:Hideo Mocnizuki

Born in November 11, 1979 in Hadano city, Kanagawa prefecture. He was raised by his father, who owned Tagetsu, a Shabushabu and steak restaurant, in Hadano city. However, Mochizuki devoted his time to playing baseball during his childhood. But after he injured his elbow, he turned his focus to cooking.
After graduation from high school, he worked hard to study at several restaurants, such as Ryu un an in Shinjuku and Genyadana Hamadaya and Kappo Kisaku in AzabuJyuban, Tokyo.
In August 2013, Mochizuki started his own restaurant Nihon Ryori Tagetsu, named after the now-closed restaurant once owned by his father. His restaurant was awarded one star in the 2015 Michelin guidebook and has kept the star since then.

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