About YUZUKI 佑月

YUZUKI is the Japanese Cuisine Restaurant and provides opportunities to have experience with history and culture of Japan with five sense of guests. In order to feel “shun”, YUZUKI focuses ingredients in season and expresses delicacys and beauty in coloring of Japan’s four seasons. There is a sense of warmth inside of the restaurant, where guests can enjoy the counter made of natural hinoki cypress, from well-known producer, Kiso province, and private dining rooms. YUZUKI offers gusts delicious cuisine as well as the culture of Japanese cuisine in a visual manner. As time passes slowly, guests may feel the preciousness of Japanese culture and tradition. In our calm spot in Ginza, we, YUZUKI, hope that our guests enjoy deliciousness of Japan to their heart’s content.


YUZUKI cares about bringing the sense of season to dishes to provide. Getting ingredients in season from prestigious production area in nationwide, YUZUKI offers exclusive dishes in fresh and hopes that guests enjoy and feel deliciousness from Japan’s four seasons. The key of YUZUKI’s dishes is Dashi, which works to bring out the umami of the ingredients and plays an important role to set the taste of the dishes. Dashi, as principal part of the dishes, is made every day by the cooking team with great care. Two type of katsuo (bonito) dashi, which are made by either soaking in cold water or hot water, are used to match various dishes. YUZUKI serves its dishes on traditional Japanese lacquerware from Echizen, Wajima area. Guests will be satisfied with seasonal cuisine and resonance of Japanese culture.


Private room

3 rooms are available. Suitable for important dinners with special persons, for private time with friends or families, or for business dinners.
Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city, guests can enjoy a relaxing time.


Counter table

Seating at the counter table is good for seeing artisanship up close.

Guests can enjoy fantastic and skilful knife handling and elegant presentation. Recommended for those who wish to enjoy Japanese cuisine with their five senses.



  • 2020.04.06(日本語) 【営業自粛のお知らせ】

    日頃より日本料理 佑月をご愛顧をいただき誠にありがとうございます。
    この度、新型コロナウイルス(COVID-19)の状況を鑑み、お客さまの安全を 最優先に考え、4月7日(火)より営業を自粛いたします。

    期間 2020年4月7日(火)~5月31日(日)

  • 2020.03.18(日本語) 【新型コロナウィルス対策について】

    日本料理 佑月では、新型コロナウイルス (COVID-19) による感染拡大の状況を踏まえ、お客様ならびに従業員の健康と安全のため、下記の対策を取っております。





Nihon Ryori YUZUKI (Non-Smoking Restaurant)
B1, Kobikiss Ginza bldg., 3-14-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
【TEL】 03-6264-2949
【FAX】 03-6264-2967
Three- minuets walk from Exit No.3 at Higashi Ginza sta. on Hibiya-line /Toei Asakusa Line


By telephone
日本料理 佑月 03-6264-2949
Please contact us first for special requests or inquiries
  • Please inform us in advance that information on allergy of guests or ingredients shall be avoided.
  • 3 days to 1 day before reservation date, guest might receive contact from us for booking confirmation.
  • Smart Casual (both for ladies and gentlemen)
  • *Please refrain from wearing strong fragrance for consideration for other guests.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation noticed one day before reservation date: 50 % of total price of dishes. /Cancelation noticed on reservation date: 100 % of total price of dishes.
  • In case of change of schedule or cancelation, please call us in advance.
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